Based out of Utah, Fresh Face Co. was founded upon the idea that all women deserve to wake up to healthy, natural and beautiful skin. With the right care and beauty products for use on a daily basis, this is something everyone can achieve!

A person's face is the first thing you notice – it says so much without saying a word. A fresh glowing face always attracts and leaves a lasting positive impression. To meet our standards, all our products are used and trusted by top beauty professionals and estheticians in the industry, as well as regular ordinary women who understand what it means to invest in the best skincare products.

We are also an official InLei®️ product distributor since 2021.

We offer:
Face hair removal products (including trimmers, waxes, laser)
Professional skincare & so much more!

All our products sold are made with the highest quality materials and are made for personal and professional use.

Fresh Face Co. was created to make the best beauty products available to women across the globe. We all deserve to wake up to healthy, beautiful faces every day.  

"Let your skin grow and glow"  Fresh Face Co.