What Kind of Face Cleansing Brush Is Right for You?

What Kind of Face Cleansing Brush Is Right for You?

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Brushes are indispensable beauty tools. We brush our hair to keep it healthy and shiny, and we brush our teeth for a clean, white smile. And now we can also brush our faces for improved cleansing and radiance. Why all the face brush buzz? A face cleansing brush prevents unwanted bacteria, oil, and hand cleanser residue from being transferred from your hands to your delicate facial skin. Its bristles more thoroughly clean your skin, deeply penetrating facial contours and creases.

Choose the Right Face Cleansing Brush for Your Skin Type

If you have normal to dry skin, you're in luck! There are a vast array of brush options to choose from. Pulsating or sonic brushes are the most popular given their exfoliation benefits. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to acne, there are some additional minor details for you to consider.

Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin doesn't mean you can't use a face brush. Simply choose a model that offers gentler, softer bristles, or a brush that has a specific setting for sensitive skin. Sensitive skin types may also prefer a manual brush over an electronic option, in order to more gently control the speed and pressure of brushing.

Acne-Prone or Oily Skin

A face brush is a modern miracle for acne-prone skin. It does a stellar job of deep cleaning your pores, much better than your hands or a washcloth can do. There are many brushes on the market designed to control and prevent acne. Look for brushes specifically designed to unclog and clean pores. Whichever brush you choose, make sure you don't use the brush on active breakouts, as this may lead to extra irritation.

Consider the Maintenance Requirements

All face brushes require some maintenance, so consider how much effort and money you're willing to invest in taking care of your brush. No matter which brush you choose, you will need to clean it. Some types of bristles are easier to clean than others, especially those with the squishy silicone-type bristles.

Also, pay attention to requirements for replacement heads. Though the devices themselves should last for years, several models will require you to replace the bristle heads after continued usage. Research the prices of replacement heads, as well as the recommendations for replacement frequency.

Consider Where You'll Use Your Brush

If you plan to bring your face brush to the gym, you'll want to choose a compact, easily transportable brush. Same goes for traveling, or if you don't spend each night at your primary residence. Consistent usage is key to achieving the benefits this tool provides, so you will want to bring it with you when you're on the go. There are lots of travel and gym-bag friendly options to choose from.

A facial brush is an excellent tool to add to your beauty arsenal. It will help you achieve the glowing complexion you long for. Thankfully there are plenty of options available to meet your specific needs and budget. Check out Fresh Face Co. for brush options and many other fantastic beauty tools and products!