How Do You Use a Blackhead Remover?

How Do You Use a Blackhead Remover?

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Skincare tools are ever-evolving into sophisticated instruments that help us get the healthy, smooth skin of our dreams. The suctioning blackhead remover is no exception. Combining cutting edge technology and an effective skincare regimen, you can achieve the smooth skin you desire. We recommend following these steps to get the most out of your new favorite tool.

Step 1: Cleanse and Exfoliate the Skin

The first step should always be to cleanse and exfoliate with your favorite products. Cleansing the skin ensures that all the excess oil and debris on your skin is washed away so the blackheads are loosened and easier to remove from your pores. Be sure to use a cleanser that is best for your skin type and exfoliate using small circular motions using an exfoliating brush or scrub.

Step 2: Prepare the Blackhead Remover

After cleansing your face, it is time to prepare the remover. Make sure that the tool has been charged completely. We wouldn't want you to have to stop in the middle of your routine. Then get the different heads you intend to use. The smallest head is intended for pinpoint accuracy, and as the heads get wider, they cover more surface area and can help with the less-difficult blemishes.

Step 3: Turn On and Go!

Turn on the suction to one of the three levels that matches your needs and place the tip to the affected area. If you wish to test how the suction will affect your skin, run the head over the back of your hand. Move the tip slowly from the initial point of contact toward the outside of the face to avoid suction marks and possible bruising if left in one area for more than five seconds. Continue as needed every few days to allow the skin to recover and avoid inflammation.

Step 4: Moisturize

After removing the blackheads from the affected areas of your skin, it is recommended you rinse your face with cool water, pat dry with a clean towel, and apply a moisturizer. Moisturizer should be a part of your daily skincare routine to help the skin get the hydration, sun protection, and vitamins that it needs to keep looking smooth and healthy.

Step 5: Clean and Disinfect

Now that your face is clean and moisturized, it is time to clean and disinfect the heads used. To do this, remove the head from the tip of the device and wash it in warm soapy water. To give it an extra scrub, we recommend using a cotton swab to scrub the inside and tip of the head. After washing them, set them on a clean paper towel to air dry. Once they are dry, store in a clean area.

Removing blackheads no longer needs to be such a tedious affair. Following these simple steps, you can be on your way to smoother, healthier-looking skin. For more skincare tools and products please go to Fresh Face Co, where you will find the best products we have to offer.