Foxy Eye Trend

Foxy Eye Trend

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What is the Foxy Eye trend all about?

The Foxy Eye or sometimes called, Cat Eye Makeup Look, is just an elongated eyelift illusion to your face.

A seen on Bella Hadid, Gigi, Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and all the models really.

Here’s how to achieve the fox eye makeup trend according to some leading MUAs in the industry.

So pretty much with everything in this look, you're gonna want to match up the corner of your eye with the end of your nose.

That is the angle that everything is going to be the shadow, the wing, if you do a wing everything - is just gonna go up and out. 

Do the face makeup last and do the eye makeup first. We have the perfect brow pencil to help get that tail just right. Since you will need precision to get that perfectly angled shape, use a makeup brush to achieve that angle.

A lot of people like shaving the tails of their brow. You can get this look with the Brow Definer brush without shaving your brows.

Just imagine a triangle and remember: whenever you're on that outer part, don't put all of your pressure out. There just continue to flick in that direction.

You can get very precise with this and then go back over with a Makeup Brush for filling in the shadow.

Just take your favorite eyeshadow, and just pat it on the lid. 

So if you go this way, it's. Just gonna blend everything upwards kind of like we normally would want, but flipping the brush upside down blends it downwards, where you want the product to be. 

As with all eyeliner trends, you need to customize the width and angle of the wing depending on your eye shape. 

For a hooded eye: “Keep the liner very thin by the lash line and draw an uplifting wing to pull the eye up.”
For round eye: “Start the line thin and gradually thicken it and draw an elongated wing to lengthen the eye.”
For an almond-shaped eye: “Start the wing a little before the end of the eye and draw it out either round or straight for a more edgy look.”

The Foxy Eye Trend is definitely a whole different vibe, along with the correct makeup and brush it can really make your eyes look amazing.

Takeaway: The Foxy Eye makeup look focuses on elongating for a snatched finish. Lucky for us, it’s an easy look to achieve once you know the brow, liner, and eyeshadow application tips, none of which involve shaving your brows like the fox brow challenge we’ve seen on TikTok,


Lashes are the ultimate final touch to any makeup look, especially the fox eye. However, as the look plays on the outer corner, trim your lashes in half or into thirds. Then place the shortened lash segment on the outer corner avoiding the inner corner completely.  Alternatively, you can use individual lashes to add drama to the outer third only.

Have you tried the fox eye trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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